The Urban Farm Museum Society of

        Spryfield, NS 
- preserving a healthy heritage by keeping rural traditions in urban places -


                                    The Urban Farm has large enclosed gardening areas
                                    with raised planting beds, a seated planter, family learning area, and a

                                    garden shed
all nestled together in a grove of trees on top of a quiet hill.

Autumn, 2014


 Schedules, Events, Notices

Gardener's October Hours

Wednesday (today) Oct. 15: 9:00 - 3:00

Thursday Oct. 16: 11:00-2:30

Friday Oct. 17: 11:00-4:00  

Tuesday Oct. 21: 11:00-2:00

Friday Oct. 24: 9:00-5:00

Saturday Oct. 25: 9:00-1:00 ( this is the day of the work party) 

Wednesday Oct. 29: 9:00- 4:00 


If you are interested in individual, family or group plots for next season please email

Next work day October 25


You can buy the new book at the fair and at No Frills in Spryfield.


Fall Work Day 2014


October 2014   We pick your produce upon receiving your order  

We still have produce. If the gate is open on Rockingstone, come on in!

The Urban Farm Gardens are located on
 Rockingstone Rd. near the corner of Ardwell Ave.
 Spryfield, Nova Scotia   

You can find us on Facebook

  Urban Farm of Spryfield